Antar att ni är lika peppade som jag på Vernoica Mars-filmen? Brukar vanligtvis inte gilla spoilers överhuvudtaget men här finns det inget att förlora tänker jag. Hoppas hoppas hoppas det blir så bra som jag tror!


Veronica Mars Movie SpoilersWith nearly $4 million in the Kickstarter coffers, the Veronica Mars movie is not only happening, it’s happening on a grander scale than anyone — most notably series creator and film campaign architect Rob Thomas — could’ve imagined.

With an official green light from Warner Bros. in the can, now comes the hard part for Thomas: making a movie fans old and new will want to see.

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“If we turn in a lousy movie, that would be a sad ending to the story,” observes Thomas with a laugh.

That seems unlikely, considering Thomas’ script will find Veronica and her former classmates descending on Neptune for their 10-year high school reunion. “Fans want to see those all those characters back together again,” he says. “And the reunion set piece allows me to do that.”


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